Our Hair is sourced from South East Asia

  • 100% Pure Raw and Unprocessed hair. 
  • Cut directly from a single donor and wefted seamlessly and neat.
  •  No Matting or Tangling, minimal to no shedding. 
  • Density: medium to light density.
  • Hair Texture is slightly coarse to Coarser in nature.
  • Our Raw natural straight  blend with European and coarse hair textures
  • Can hold a curl for many days.  
  • Longevity: Can last up to 3 years  or more with proper care
  • Hair can be colored or permed. 
  • Hair can be flat ironed  straight and  curls will revert back once washed.
  • Use moisture rich conditioner, co-wash only.
  • Affordable and long lasting.

Raw Straight Bundle

  • Raw Hair Comes in 3 Basic Textures; Straight, Wavy, & Curly.

    No two bundles are identical when it comes to raw hair as each bundle comes from a single donor.

    Our Raw  Natural Straight bundle has a slight wave to it when washed

    Can be flat ironed bone straight or curled

    Colored or permed, very versatile as well